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In November 2016 following a successful trial of a thermal imager, the group were successful in a funding bid to the West Midland Bird Club (WMBC) who purcased one for the purpose of monitoring birds within the WMBC region.


We have used this piece of equipment since and have found it to be a complete game changer and a positive step forward for monitoring wildlife.


Below you will find a link to our most recent Magazine article for BTO's Life Cycle, BBC Midlands today programme and further links to reports we have completed showcasing different aspects of its use.


We have teamed up with NHBS to bring the cost down for Bird Ringers. If you wish to purchase one then please contact us on our email address for the discount code.


The Bache, Shearwood & McShane ringing group

Thermal Birding

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Thermal Imaging

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'Brewood Ringers would like to clarify that the thermal imaging camera referred to in the Life Cycle article was bought and is owned by the West Midland Bird Club (WMBC). The imager is currently on loan to the ringing group we are exploring its potential in a range of situations. Any reference to 'our' camera is an inadvertent misuse of possessive language and is not in any way intended to underplay the key role played by the WMBC in acquiring this superb piece of equipment.''

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