Brewood Ringers

The 'Bache, Shearwood & McShane' ringing group

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The Brewood Ringers are mainly members of the 'Bache, Shearwood and McShane' ringing group, but that's a bit of a mouthful so, Brewood Ringers is easier!

We also regularly welcome friends to join us either long or short term.

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Ringing Demonstrations

Take a look at our new recoveries page featuring an interactive map.


See where 'our' birds have turned up, and where other birds have come from that we have caught.

Annual Report 2016

Why do we ring birds?

Its here, the Brewood Ringers annual report for 2016.


Last year was another great year for the group.  Here is a round up of what we got up to, and how many birds we ringed along the way.

Ringing birds is essential if we are to learn about how long birds live and when and where they move, questions that are vital for bird conservation.


Take a look at our page and more details from the BTO.

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During Breeding season no demonstrations will be planned.


Please keep an eye out for Autumn demos


Thank you



234px_twitter_logo_mini.svg facebook logo png Annual Report 2016

Colour ringing projects

Black-headed Gulls

Check out the latest from our colour ringing projects from Marsh Lane

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Thermal Camera Guide

Thermal Camera Guide

Discover how we're using new technology to help understand birds

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