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In 2016 the group began engraved colour ringing of Black-headed Gull and Common Tern chicks at Marsh Lane Nature Reserve, Meriden.  

The darvic rings are very lightweight and enable anyone with suitable optical equipment to read the ring number and report their sighting without the bird having to be recaught to read the BTO metal ring instead.


As the project develops we will discover where birds from the reserve disperse to, how quickly and how long they survive.  Check out the current sightings we've had using the link below.

Throughout Europe there are many colour ringing projects on many different species.  Many of them have shared details of the project and who to contact on the European Colour Ring Birding website.  Alternatively you can report a sighting of any colour ringed bird of any species to the EURING website.

Colour ringing

Think you've seen one of our birds?  Report your sighting below:

Find out more project on black-headed gulls and common terns

Colour Ringing: Marsh Lane

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The project

Black-headed Gulls

Since 2016 we have ringed 419 Black-headed gull chicks with 98 sightings. They have totalled up a cracking 9,934 miles.


Sighting breakdown


65 sightings in England

13 sightings in Wales

15 sightings in Ireland

2 sightings in Spain


The 2016 sequences begin 2A or 2B followed by two other letters.  Please report any sightings of birds with rings that fit this description to us using the form on this page.


If you see a Black-headed Gull wearing a different ring, take a look on the European Colour Ring Birding website to see if you can find a match.  Alternative log your sighting though the EURING portal.


Common Tern

In addition to the gull chicks, the reserve is also home to several pairs of Common Tern.  In 2016 a total of 19 chicks were ringed with 7 also given a colour darvic ring.  All our darvics on Common Terns start with C0.


If you see a Common Tern wearing a darvic fitting this description, please report it to us using the form on this page.

Project update 2017

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