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The regular players for the team are: Peter Bache (A & trainer), Colin McShane (A & trainer), Dave Clifton (A & trainer), Ben Dolan (A & trainer), Jim Stewart (A), Paul Hopwood (A), Scott Petrek (C), Ben Holmes (C), Keith Clowes (C), Glynn Middleton (C), Paul ten Hoeve (C), Simon Davies (C),  Claire Blowers (C), Craig Reed (C), Kevin Clements (C)

Trainee's; Steve Cresswell (T) & Gareth Clements (T)

Helpers; Tom Young (H)


Co-founder Phil Shearwood is sadly no longer with us (read our memories of him here), but occasional appearances by Martin George, Lee Wells, Anne Woolley, Paul Edgley and Mikhail 'Misha' Markovets are really valued.

Increasingly over recent years members of the group have been on various ringing trips across the world including Portugal, Canada, Gibraltar, Russia, Poland, Norway, Kazakhstan and Kamchatka.


Check out the reports and photos using the links below to see the amazing birds we're forunate enough to encounter on these trips.

The Bache, Shearwood & McShane ringing group

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The group are also supported by several other organisations and companies, not least Big Lottery who fund our Bird in the Hand project.


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